Removing the limitations of remote technical activities

Game-changing communication technology providing flexibility and ease of access never seen before in industry

We make hosting remote site activities easy and instant

One assignment used to take me between 1 and 3 days to complete. Now if our suppliers have the Seebird system, I can do multiple assignments in 1 day!
Steve Rogers
Senior Quality Engineer

How Seebird Works

Providing what conferencing tools can’t. An easy way to stream and document on-site activities from PC and mobiles – in high quality video

On-site technician

No prior training or specialized equipment is needed to successfully host a Seebird session on-site

Remote participants

Up to 5 remote participants can join a Seebird session. No prior training or software installation needed for PC or mobile devices

1. Set Up

Host Seebird sessions from PC or mobile devices. For the full experience, purchase a Seebird camera kit.

2. Invite participants

Use the Seebird platform to send invites to participants and manage session schedules.

3. Start Session

Up to 5 participants can join from anywhere in the world. Seebird allows the host to stream high quality video from up to 5 sources simultaneously.

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