Powerful features and connectivity,
linking people to places

Powerful features and connectivity, without specialized hardware

A professional tool for a professional result

One assignment used to take me between 1 and 3 days to complete.
Now if our suppliers have the Seebird system, I can do multiple assignments in 1 day!
Steve Rogers
Senior Quality Engineer

How Seebird Works

On-site technician

No prior training or specialized equipment is needed to successfully host a Seebird session on-site

1. Set Up

Host Seebird sessions from PC or mobile devices. For the full experience, purchase a Seebird camera kit.

2. Invite Participants

Use the Seebird platform to send invites to participants and manage session schedules.

3. Start Session

Up to 5 participants can join from anywhere in the world. Seebird allows the host to stream high quality video from up to 5 sources simultaneously.

Remote participants

Up to 5 remote participants can join a Seebird session. No prior training or software installation needed for PC or mobile devices

1. Receive Invite

Participants receive an invitation via email and are notified when the session has started.

2. Connect and document

Participants connect via web browser on either PC or mobile device and begin capturing data.

3. Report

Automated watermarking, metadata, session records and email receipts make report generation and data management easy.

Three ways to host


  • 1 mobile device hosts via web browser
  • Host can simultaneously stream from up to 4 additional mobile devices via the Seabird Reach app (don’t worry, it’s free)
  • 360° inspection- witness tests from all angle’s
  • Can be used with PTZ camera systems that are plug-and-play

Ideal for
  • Ad-hoc inspections
  • Preventative maintenance support
  • SME support and remote mentoring
  • Pressure tests
  • EX environments (if using EX-devices)
  • Virtual site tours


  • PC hosts via web browser
  • Up to 2 video feeds and screen share can be streamed simultaneously
  • Can stream from devices such as borescopes, drones and web-isolated PC’s with addition of Seebird Corella

Ideal for
  • Testing of control systems and equipment
  • Laboratory testing activities
  • R&D team collaboration


  • Combination of PC, mobile devices and video devices can stream simultaneously
  • Additional mobile devices streaming via the Seabird Reach app (it’s free!)
  • Install Seebird’s Connect app on the host PC for participant remote PTZ control (it’s free too!)
  • Seebird offers PTZ camera systems that are plug-and-play

Ideal for
  • Tests over large areas
  • Complex testing and inspections for FAT’s, system integration tests and assemblies
  • Visual inspection tests for welds and machined surface finishes

Re-writing the rules with Seebird's scalable platform

360° view of what matters

Seebird’s platform is unique because it allows the host to stream with up to 5 devices simultaneously. As your needs change, you can add or remove streams from screen sharing, mobile phones, borecopes, webcameras and even PTZ cameras. Complete 360° coverage of complex equipment and environments is made easy with Seebird.

Installation free, web-based communication

Corporate IT rules can make access to specialized software difficult. By using web-based communication technology, Seebird only requires a web browser and access to the internet for participants to immediately utilize the platform. For remote PTZ control and adding additional mobile devices as wireless cameras, the Host will need to install the Seebird Connect (for PC) and Reach app (for mobile devices).

Unparalleled simplicity and flexibility

Seebird changes the game with simplified video stream management making the viewing of up to 10 video streams easy and controllable by the participants. By including the Falcon or Owl camera systems and the Seebird Connect app, participants can also control a PTZ camera remotely and follow activities without requiring on-site personnel to manage cameras.

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