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Seebird can be run from PC or mobile device and requires one of the following browsers: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox. 

If you are hosting and using the Seebird Falcon or Owl PTZ cameras, you will also need the Seebird Connect application that can be downloaded from the Seebird Hub sessions page. This will allow your participants to easily control the camera and set recallable pre-sets. It will also enable you to set privacy limits that will restrict the camera’s movement.

Seebird’s Reach mobile app enables multiple mobile devices to be integrated into a session and stream as wireless cameras providing flexibility for complex activities. Seebird Reach can be downloaded for free from Google Play, Apple App Store and Huawei AppGallery.

Free conferencing software is designed for conferencing, not technical activities. Because of this, there are many limitations such as the inability to integrate multiple video feeds from the same user account, inability to easily manage video feeds, poor video quality and poor session traceability and records. 

Seebird is purpose built for industry and resolves these issues in a user-friendly way, making it easier to focus on the task at hand instead of software limitations. In addition, Seebird has a suite of tools like image watermarking, hyper lapse camera function and remote PTZ camera control that make it invaluable for complex testing and inspection activities.

Yes. Many project-based organizations have leased systems from us. We listen to our customers and are flexible in meeting their needs. Contact us if you need to discuss leasing options for a project.

Seebird offers 3 annual subscription models, small ≤ 5 members, medium ≤ 15 members, large ≤ 30 members. We can also provide enterprise solutions.
Subscribers are able to buy the number of sessions needed to conduct their activities and these sessions can run up to 24 hours at a time. Seebird offers a range of session bundles to meet any project needs. 

Sign up for our free trial to see how simple it is to get started.

If the host intends to use the Seebird remote Pan, Tilt and Zoom camera option, they will need the desktop application which can be downloaded from the Seebird Hub sessions page. 

If the host wants to integrate multiple mobile phones into a session as wireless cameras, those devices will require the Seebird Reach app that can be downloaded for free from Google Play, Apple App Store and Huawei AppGallery.

Attendees do not need to install a thing. They only need a Seebird compatible browser installed – Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge.

Yes. We are proud to say we are a Norwegian company and our product has been designed and developed in Norway.

A session is a live video stream where you can perform inspections and testing. 

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